Ol’ RattleBones’ My Love Review

Hard rock musical group Ol’ RattleBones is proving once again that even the most unexpected genres can create the most reflective, emotionally relatable songs that audiences of all backgrounds can embrace. The Taunton, Massachusetts-based quartet crafted 13 personal tracks for their recently released EP, ‘Rise Chapter 1,’ which were written during the height of COVID-19.

Like its accompanying tunes, the album’s first single, ‘My Love,’ offers a poignant perspective of the loneliness people felt as they lost their loved ones during the height of the pandemic. Throughout the song, the band blended their signature rock, metal and blues vocals and instrumentals to chronicle how the death of a loved one can leave anyone in despair.

‘My Love’ is led by the fiery, raspy vocals of Ol’ RattleBones’ lead singer, Chris Emond, who infused the lyrics with snarling timbres. The track tells a fictional story about a woman’s tragic suicide from the perspective of the lover she left behind. The narrator contemplates why she left and if she knew her choice would leave him with emotional damage.

Besides Emond’s intense vocals, ‘My Love’ is also notably driven by retro-rock instrumentals, as it begins with a potent rhythm composed of a rumbling bassline and growling percussion. Inspired by such hard rock and heavy metal groups as T. Rex and Black Sabbath, Ol’ RattleBones’ new single also features a dazzling, impassioned guitar solo that illuminates the harmonics of the entire production.

Ol’ RattleBones is one of the rare hard rock-metal bands that can create the most reflective, emotionally relatable tunes that audiences of all backgrounds and preferences can embrace, as highlighted on its prolific new single. Taking inspiration from the harrowing emotions that have become commonplace in recent years, ‘My Love’ offers a tantalizing, emotional perspective of the feelings of loneliness people felt as they lost their loved ones during the pandemic. Driven by Emond’s impassioned vocals and the quartet’s overall retro-rock instrumentals, the single is one of ‘Rise Chapter 1’s most emotionally captivating songs.

For more information on Ol’ RattleBones, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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