Stelio Savante and Anne Heche Contemplate a Complex Murder Mystery in What Remains Exclusive Clip

Solving a murder case is always a difficult process, but the undertaking becomes even more harrowing when the victim appears to have no positive connections to the community and was found in an abandoned location. That’s certainly the case for one of the police officers and the sheriff of a small Texas county, Scott and Maureen, in the recently released mystery thriller, ‘What Remains.’

The drama was released in theaters earlier this month by Gravitas Ventures, and is now also streaming on Prime Video. In honor of ‘What Remains’ distribution, Film Factual is premiering an exclusive compilation clip from the film that features several scenes of Scott and Maureen, who are played by Stelio Savante and the late Anne Heche in one of her final movie roles.

In the clip, the characters are first shown arriving at the murder scene to start their investigation, and then receive notice of who the victim was. The duo is then seen returning to the crime scene and discussing how it has been abandoned for the past six months.

In ‘What Remains,’ which was written, directed and executive produced by Nathan Scoggins, Scott and Maureen work in a small Texas town, whose pastor, Marshall (Cress Williams), is forced to reckon with an act of forgiveness. After his wife was accidentally murdered five years earlier by a fellow town resident, Troy (Kellan Lutz), Marshall relies on his faith to forgive the ex-con, especially after he returns to town after he’s released from prison. Meanwhile, Scott and Maureen investigate another murder that may be related to the pastor’s family.

Photo Credit: Ralph Linhardt

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