Video Interview: Joe Ahern, Doug Mellard and Grant Harvey Talk The Disappearance of Toby Blackwood (Exclusive)

Friends can often truly connect in the most personal way possible when they’re forced to spend time apart and on their own, isolated from the world. That’s certainly the case for actors Joe Ahern and Grant Harvey’s characters of Wes and Luke in the new comedy, ‘The Disappearance of Toby Blackwood,’ which is now available to stream on VOD, courtesy of Freestyle Digital Media.

The movie was directed by Ahern, who also co-wrote the script with Doug Mellard, who plays the titular role of Toby. Besides Ahern, Mellard and Harvey, ‘The Disappearance of Toby Blackwood’ also features an ensemble cast that includes Dana DeLorenzo (as Mandy Prescott), Natasha Hall (as Courtney) and Todd Giebenhain (as Gilbert Muldoon’). The film also features cameos from such actors and comedians as Luis Guzman, Rick Gomez, Doug Benson and Dan Cummins.

‘The Disappearance of Toby Blackwood’ tells the story of the eponymous conspiracy theorist YouTuber who goes missing during the COVID-19 pandemic as two of his friends try to find him without leaving their homes. Wes, who’s in the middle of getting a divorce during the quarantine, learns that his childhood friend, Toby Blackwood, has vanished. So Wes and his buddy Luke decide to track Toby down and attempt to make discern of what little clues are left behind in a world where almost nothing makes sense

The comedy began production toward the beginning of theCOVID-19 pandemic shutdown with an extremely limited crew. It was structured in a way that no two characters were ever in the same room with the exception of two scenes. In many ways, the production mirrored certain aspects of the plot, and because of it, captured the isolated nature of the time and the creative ways in which people kept themselves entertained and distracted.

Ahern, Mellard and Harvey generously took the time recently to talk about scribting, helming and starring in ‘The Disappearance of Toby Blackwood’ during an exclusive interview over Zoom. Watch the full interview in the video above.

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