Family is the Most Important Thing to Casper Van Dien in Official Trailer For Thriller Daughter

Family is the most important thing in life to Casper Van Dien, and he’ll take whatever means necessary to protect it in the upcoming thriller, ‘Daughter.’ Dark Star Pictures has unveiled the new official trailer for the film.

‘Daughter’ is set to be released in select theaters, on Digital and On Demand on February 10. The drama will then be distributed on DVD on May 9.

In addition to Van Dien, ‘Daughter’ also stars Elyse Dinh (‘Spider-Man 2’), Vivien Ngô (‘Queen Sugar’) and Ian Alexander (‘Star Trek: Discovery’). The movie was written, directed and produced by Corey Deshon (‘A Million Little Things’).

In ‘Daughter,’ a young woman is kidnapped and inducted into a bizarre family as their new surrogate daughter. As she navigates through the twisted dynamic, awful secrets about the past are revealed, leading to even darker implications about the future.

Fun Film Fact: ‘Daughter’ was recognized for excellence at the Viet Film Fest and the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

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