Evil is Lurking in the Dark in Free to a Bad Home’s Official Trailer and Poster

Various forms of evil that lurk in the shadows in the official trailer and poster for the upcoming horror movie, ‘Free to a Bad Home.’ Terror Films has released the official assets for the anthology feature, which will be distributed on Digital on February 17.

‘Free to a Bad Home’ was written, directed and executive produced by and Kameron Hale and Scott Hale, who are collectively known as the Hale Brothers. The drama stars Miranda Nieman, Jake C. Young, Olivia Dennis, Hayley Sunshine and Roni Locke.

‘Free to a Bad Home’ shows how the lives of three strangers – a widow, a thief and an addict – are terrorized by cursed objects and those that spread them.

While discussing ‘Free to a Bad Home,’ the Hale Brothers said: “Ever since watching classics horror movies, such as ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and ‘Halloween,’ at far too young of an age, we have always had an unshakeable love and obsession with film, but especially horror. In our opinion, it is the most flexible, creative and honest subgenre, and it affords those who embrace it an opportunity to tell stories that tap into every aspect of the human experience.      

“We have always wanted to write, produce and direct films. Now, we are fortunate enough to be in a place in our lives to make that a possibility. Our feature film, ‘Entropy,’ was our first foray into filmmaking, and it was shortly after wrapping production that Kameron began thinking about our next project – ‘Free to a Bad Home,'” the filmmakers continued.

“What began as a short film about grief and possession quickly became a smaller whole of a larger narrative about cursed objects passed down through the generations, to be used as gateways for cruel spirits who revel in suffering. Telling the story in an anthology format just made sense, and it gave us an opportunity to explore how to stretch the format while also staying true to it,” the Hale Brothers also shared.

“Regardless of budget and time, it is always our goal to challenge ourselves, and we loved the idea creating an anthology with a singular vision that used seemingly disconnected-but-actually-strongly-linked stories that subtly form what amounts to an origin story for our villainess,” the filmmaker also said.

“‘Free to a Bad Home’ wasn’t the next feature we had planned – that one awaits a larger budget – but it was, in retrospect, the next logical step in our career. With our skills refined, our cast expanded and our ambitions greater than ever, ‘Free to a Bad Home,’ like the cursed objects in the film, found us and changed us, and now we’re ready to unleash it onto an unsuspecting world,” the Hale Brothers added.

Fun Film Fact: ‘Free to a Bad Home’ was created in the tradition of such acclaimed anthology horror movies as ‘Creepshow’ and ‘V/H/S.’

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