Actress Audrey Lamy Accepts a Cooking Job That Teaches Her Important Life Lessons in Kitchen Brigade Exclusive Clip

Actress Audrey Lamy is proving how the miraculous power of education can bring hope to not only undocumented migrant teens who are trying to build a new life for themselves, but also the educators in their lives. Just like her students, the performer’s protagonist, cafeteria cook Cathy Marie, is embarking on a difficult journey from survival to securing a brighter future in the upcoming comedy-drama, ‘Kitchen Brigade.’

Samuel Goldwyn Films is set to distribute the feature in theaters and on VOD and Digital this Friday, January 13. In honor of the movie’s release, Film Factual is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature.

In the clip, Cathy arrives at an interview for a new culinary job, but unbeknownst to her, it’s for a position as a cafeteria cook at a shelter for young migrants. She’s initially reluctant to accept the job, as she has higher aspirations for her future. However, she eventually agrees to take the position, as she needs to make money while she prepares to fulfill her dream of opening her own restaurant.

‘Kitchen Brigade’ was co-written by Louis-Julien Petit, Liza Benguigui and Sophie Bensadoun, in collaboration with Thomas Pujo. Petit also served as the comedy-drama’s director. In addition to Lamy, the comedy-drama also stars François Cluzet, Chantal Neuwirth, Fatoumata Kaba, Amadou Bah, Boubacar Balde, Mamadou Koita and Yannick Kalombo.

In ‘Kitchen Brigade,’ Cathy is an inflexible 40-year-old sous-chef. This year,she’s finally about to fulfill her lifelong dream by opening her own gastronomic restaurant. But nothing goes as planned. Facing serious financial difficulties, she reluctantly accepts the job in the shelter’s cafeteria. While she hates her new position, Cathy’s skills and passion for cuisine start to change the kids’ lives. They also have a lot to teach her.

Fun Film Fact: Petit was inspired to make ‘Kitchen Brigade’ after he met Sophie Bensadoun, a documentary filmmaker. She introduced him to the Claude Pompidou Foundation, a charitable organization that takes in undocumented migrant teenagers and teaches them culinary skills.

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