Line of Fire Exclusive Clip Features an Ambitious Journalist Targeting a Grieving Policewoman Who Failed to Intervene at a Shooting

Sharing both sides of a contentious situation can help a community truly understand the motivations and emotions of everyone who was involved in the conflict. That’s certainly the case for actresses Nadine Garner and Samantha Tolj’s characters of policewoman Samantha Romans and ambitious journalist Jamie Connard in the upcoming Australian thriller, ‘Line of Fire.’ The two characters, who disagree over what it means to struggle and how to contend with pain, must find a way to not only reveal their unique perspectives with each other, but also with society, in order to heal.

VMI Releasing is set to distribute the movie on VOD and Digital on February 7, 2023. In honor of ‘Line of Fire’s release, Film Factual is sharing an exclusive clip from the feature, which follows the relentless Jamie as she calls the grieving Samantha in an effort to ask the latter why she didn’t intervene in a shooting that led to the death of the policewoman’s son. In response, Samantha questions the writer’s morals and actions, before warning her that hurt people hurt people.

The drama was written by Christopher Gist and directed by Scott Major. In addition to Garner and Tolj, the thriller also stars Damien Walshe-Howling.

‘Line of Fire’ follows Samantha as she fails to intervene in the shooting that led to her son’s death. As a result, she draws the condemnation of her colleagues and community as well as the attention of Jamie. Keen to reignite the career she put on hold to have children, Jamie ignores Samantha’s pleas to be left alone and pursues her relentlessly. With nothing to lose, the policewoman retaliates by forcing the journalist into a night of terror that threatens everything the latter holds dear.

Fun Film Fact: ‘Line of Fire’ was nominated for Best Indie Feature at the 2022 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards.

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