Film Factual Celebrates The Sound of Violet with Romantic Comedy’s Home Release Gift Bag

Dating for the first time in a major city like Seattle can be a bewildering process for many people, especially those who are unfamiliar and unaware about the painful experiences that others contend with on a daily basis. That’s certainly the case for both the titular character of Violet, as well as the man she begins dating, Shawn, in the romantic comedy, ‘The Sound of Violet.’

While there are many humorous moments that driven the overarching plot of the movie, its story powerfully showcases the true pain she experiences as a victim of human trafficking. She doesn’t feel as though she can overcome her circumstance of being forced to work as a prostitute until she meets Shawn, who’s living with autism. While he refuses to let his neurodiversity alter his positive outlook on life in his hometown of Seattle, he still struggles with finding his perfect soulmate and can accept him for who he is – until he meets Violet.

‘The Sound of Violet’ was written, directed and produced by Allen Wolf, who based the script on his 2021 award-winning novel of the same name. The comedy marks the feature film acting debuts of actor Cason Thomas and actress Cora Cleary, who both have a background in theater and lived in the Seattle area earlier in their lives.

In ‘The Sound of Violet,’ Shawn (Thomas), who’s desperate to find a wife, goes on one awkward date after another until he meets the captivating Violet (Cleary). He thinks he might be his soulmate, but his autism and trusting nature keep him from realizing she’s actually a prostitute. Violet realizes something is different about Shawn, and it’s not just because he has a condition that allows him to hear colors. As they grow closer, Shawn thinks he’s found a potential wife, while Violet thinks she’s found her golden ticket out of her trapped life.

‘The Sound of Violet’ is now available to own on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as to own and rent on video-on-demand on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play and Vudu. The movie’s disc and VOD releases comes after Atlas Distribution Company released the feature theatrically in more than 20 U.S. markets on April 29, 2022.

The movie’s Apple TV, Blu-Ray and DVD features bonus content, including filmmaker and cast discussions on the making of the feature, and the composer discussing the creation of the project’s score. The Blu-Ray and DVD also exclusively feature the director’s commentary with the lead cast, as well as the music video for the song ‘Anywhere But Here from five-time Grammy nominated Christian singer-songwriter, Brandon Heath.

In honor of the movie’s Blu-ray, DVD and digital release, Film Factual was generously sent a gift box. The gift box includes ‘The Sound of Violet’ Blu-ray, DVD, novel, soundtrack, digital soundtrack, poster, Seattle premium coffee, Seattle chocolates, popcorn and movie candy.

For more information on ‘The Sound of Violet,’ visit its official website, as well as its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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