Filmmaker-Actor Phil Herman Has Explosive Tales to Tell in Doomsday Stories’ Official Trailer and DVD Release

When the world collapses, there will still be explosive tales to tell. That terrifying perspective is showcased in the new horror film, ‘Doomsday Stories.’ In honor of the drama’s recent release on DVD, the feature’s official trailer has been unveiled.

‘Doomsday Stories’ was written by Derek Braasch, Debbie D, Marcelo Fabani, Phil Herman, Nina Trader and Joel D. Wynkoop. The movie was directed by Braasch, Fabani, Herman, James Panetta and Wynkoop. Debbie D, Herman Wynkoop also star in the film.

The drama’s DVD can be purchased for $20, including postage. Horror fans interested in seeing ‘Doomsday Stories’ may contact Herman or Wynkoop on Facebook messenger. (Mention that you heard about the movie from Film Factual! Find us at @FilmFactualSite / Film Factual on Facebook.)

‘Doomsday Stories’ follows the great virus as it started in 2019. In the first two years, almost five million people died worldwide. In 2022, a new strain hit and five million people a month were dying. No vaccine was effective.

This created high gas prices, food shortage and war. People were dying of starvation and disease whilenations were at war.

In 2025, a final strain called Meanies killed the majority of mankind that was left. Only 8,000 people worldwide survived. Meanies was a man made virus meant to help cure people, but instead created mutants and savages that out numbered the humans.

Zorack (Herman), who survived the Meanies outbreak, was left neither good or bad; he just did what he could to survive. Now 30 years after the virus’ outbreak, he lives the simple life hidden from what is left of society. But he would now like to share stories from the old world.

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