Actor Harry Jarvis Streaming His Experiences with the Supernatural to Garner More Followers in Horror Comedy’s Digital Release

The anticipated found-footage horror film, ‘Followers,’ is satirizing modern influencer culture through hilarious Black comedy. Driven by a talented up-and-coming young cast, the movie, which hails from the producers of ‘Anna and the Apocalypse’ and ‘Monsters,’ thrives in the tradition of ‘Get Out’ and ‘Black Mirror.’

Terror Films is set to ‘Followers’ on Digital and On Demand in North America this Friday, March 24. The comedy was written and directed by Marcus Harben.

‘Followers’ stars Harry Jarvis (Netflix’s ‘Knight Before Christmas’), Loreece Harrison (‘Black Mirror’), Erin Austen (‘The Royals’), Daniel Cahill (‘Anna and the Apocalypse’), Nina Wadia (‘Aladdin’), Orion Lee (‘Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi’) and Tanya Burr (‘Twist’). To create an authentic found footage feel for the feature, over 70% of ‘Followers’ was filmed by the actors themselves.

In ‘Followers,’ what starts as hilariously bad YouTube videos develops into a warning to the world about a shocking new strain of supernatural serial killer. Jonty (Jarvis), a failing influencer with an ambition to reach over a million followers, will stop at nothing to become famous.

A new start at university brings with it hopes of a resurgence in his popularity when a demonic presence appears in his student house. Jonty decides to stream his and his housemates’ experiences with this supernatural entity to gain the fame and fortune he’s most been craving. But at what cost?

Film Fact: ‘Followers’ marks the last directorial effort of the late Harben.

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