Trensettahs Sound System ft. Sizzla and Zalama Crew ‘La Fiebre’ Music Video Review

Artist: Trensettahs Sound System

Single: ‘La Fiebre;’ Released: February 2 2023 by label Trensettahs; Producer: DJ Fyahman

Appreciating the spiritual philosophies of their ancestors and culture while also embracing the modern changes of contemporary society, reggae-based musical collective Trensettahs Sound System are appreciated by music fans for celebrating their Jamaican heritage and modern values. The group is continuing that signature theme with the release of one of their latest dancehall Afrobeat singles, ‘La Fiebre.’

Founded in 2015 as a group of Afro-futurists who wish to create and promote reggae songs to music fans around the world, Trensettahs Sound System is a band of musicians, DJs, visual artists, thinkers, business people and tech pioneers. Their new song is one of their most prolific, resounding efforts to date, as it’s an expression of arts, culture, history, academia and futurism

The collective collaborated with like-minded, talented artists from around the world on ‘La Fiebre.’ The track is another prime example of how Trensettahs Sound System’s primary focus is to work together to spread their message of appreciating their Jamaican heritage. Thematically, the group resonates with social resistance and a reclamation of personal power, which shines throughout the tune’s vocals and instrumentals.

Trensettahs Sound System’s latest boisterous single features critically and commercially successful and celebrated vocalist Sizzla Kalonji, who’s the most impactful singer in the contemporary Rastafarian movement. They’re also joined by Colombian-based, Latin Afrobeat/hip hop/regga musical visionaries, Zalama Crew. The musicians and DJs in the collective are orchestrated by DJ Fyahman.

The musicians’ new song is gripping and memorable in part because it’s played almost exclusively on live instruments. From electrifying percussion to up-stroke guitar rhythms and hypnotic bass lines and flute, ‘La Fiebre’ won’t soon be forgotten. Also driven by reggae and Afro-centered rhythms and catchy hip-hop beats, the stellar reggae anthem’s production is exceptionally infectious.

‘La Fiebre’ reflects authentic elements of reggae in every note to show how adamant the artists are about celebrating their culture. The track’s video is set in the backdrop of an African village, which spotlights the vocals and instrumentals’ energetic, unique blend of South American Afro beats.

The dance tune’s sizzling video creates a fun, soulful vibe and rhythmic patterns, as the visuals bring the audience into the barrios of Cali, Colombia, and the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica. ‘La Fiebre’s video portrays the daily lives of the black ghettos and how the people who live in them revel in music. The high energy dancers in the video proudly show off their culture and embrace their lifestyle, as the musicians transcend language barriers with their upbeat vocal delivery and physicality.

The lyrics, vocals, instrumentals and accompanying video for ‘La Fiebre’ seamlessly electrifyingly combine hip-hop, reggae and Colombian notes. The single thrives on its effortless ability to celebrate the diverse past and present culture, including music, that both Jamaica and Africa celebrate.

The new song and its accompanying music video highlight how Trensettahs Sound System are the undisputable voice of the Rastafaria movement and Pan-Africanism. Blending foundational reggae sounds with a variety of other world music results in an amazing collaboration that highlight the culture the musicians so unwaveringly treasure.

For more information on Trensettahs Sound System, visit their Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

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