Actor Quinn Nehr Leads Urban Explorer Social Media Personalities Into Hell’s Half Acre in Horror Film’s Exclusive Clip

One of the most disturbing discoveries people can uncover is that they’re not alone – and the presence they feel following them isn’t human. The protagonists of the new horror movie, ‘Hell’s Half Acre,’ are making that horrifying revelations while exploring the titular prison, where they encounter dangerous paranormal demonic entities.

Terror Films is set to release the drama on Digital and On Demand on Friday, April 28. In honor of ‘Hell’s Half Acres’ distribution, Film Factual is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature, which is titled ‘Did You Hear Something.’

The movie was written, directed and produced by John Patrick Tomasek. ‘Hell’s Half Acres’ stars Quinn Nehr, Brynn Beveridge, James Matthew Fuller, Omar Vegga Jr. and Amanda Buhs. The drama features an original score that was composed and produced by Ramesh Kumar Kannan, and its original songs and title score were created by VORE.

‘Hell’s Half Acre’ follows Marcus (Nehr) as he leads his group of young urban explorers – Jessie, Dan, Jose and Cassie (Beveridge, Fuller, Vega and Buhs) to abandoned locations for their popular YouTube channel, ‘Strange and Abandoned Places.’ The group’s goal is to gain ratings and paid sponsors.

They quickly discover, however, that the abandoned Rockland Heights Prison is unlike any other location they’ve ever been to before, as strange things begin to occur almost immediately after their arrival. That’s when they realize they’re not alone, and must fight for their survival against the prison’s paranormal demonic entities.

Tomasek has released the following statement about ‘Hell’s Half Acre’:

For as long as I can remember I have connected with film on a deeply personal level, enjoying the stories and messages, and going on an emotional ride with the hopes of one day telling such stories for audiences to connect with as I have.

This is and has been a lifelong passion of mine to create stories on paper and see them come to life. My vision for ‘Hell’s Half Acre’ while directing it was that I wanted the audience not to know what was coming next with some key plot twists, keeping them engaged and entertained.

I also wanted the audience to connect with this group of young urban explorers that ultimately end up at an Abandoned prison completely unprepared for the evil awaiting them. My love for writing and creating characters then as director, helping the actors become their characters and bringing them to life on screen is always rewarding to see.

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