Star-crossed Lovers Leila Perry and Ken Kirby Find Their Way Back to Each Other in This Time’s Exclusive Trailer and Poster Premiere

Two star-crossed lovers, Laela and Colin, must examine the choices that led them down their own separate paths and then back together again, and decide if they’re still in love or just nostalgic for the past, in the new romantic drama, ‘This Time.’ Actress Leila Perry and actor Ken Kirby play the protagonists in the movie, which follows their protagonists, the long lost high school sweethearts, as they unexpectedly reunite in Los Angeles. They reconnect 23 years after they were separated in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, by the 1998 riots.

The feature is world premiering at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on Saturday May 6 at 7:30pm PT at the Aratani Theatre @ JACC. The project’s filmmakers will be in attendance at the festival, and participate at a post-screening Q&A. It’s the first narrative feature to play in competition during the festival’s opening weekend. In honor of ‘This Time’s premiere at the festival, Film Factual is exclusively debuting the feature’s official trailer and poster.

The project was written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker, Sebastien Tobler. Besides Perry and Kirby, the movie also stars Mitch Narito (‘The Good Place’), Earl Baylon (‘Tomb Raider’), Diane Robin (‘RoboCop’) and Carlos Carrasco (‘Speed’).

L.A. is a major character in ‘This Time’s story. The drama is “as much a love letter to L.A. as it is to lost love,” Tobler shared.

‘This Time’ follows Laela and Colin as they’re reunite in L.A. after they were separated in Jakarta, where they were torn apart without notice and unable to say goodbye. Afterward, they were flown away to different countries, and didn’t see or speak to each other again until they unexpectedly reunite in California.

When they finally see each another again, the temptation to reconnect with each other is irresistible, despite Laela’s looming deadline and Colin’s impending move to Pennsylvania. As the star-crossed lovers examine the choices that led them down their separate paths and back again, Laela and Colin must decide if they’re still in love or just nostalgic for the past.

For more information on ‘This Time,’ visit its official website, as well as its LA Asian Pacific Film Festival page.

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