Actresses Jasmina Douieb and Laetitia Mampaka Fight the Misogyny of Office Culture in Employee of the Month Exclusive Clip

The diligent female worker at industrial cleaning supply company EcoCleanPro are finally garnering the courage to fight back against the male co-workers who have long disparaged them in the upcoming dark horror comedy, ‘Employee of the Month.’ The once eager-to-please women are now doing whatever it takes to command the respect they deserve from their male counterparts in the workplace crime movie, which deftly critiques the toxicity and misogyny of office culture.

Film Movement is set to distribute ‘Employee of the Month,’ which is in French with English subtitles, on VOD and Digital this Friday, May 12. In honor of the feature’s release, Film Factual is premiering an exclusive clip from the project.

‘Employee of the Month’ was written by Nina Vanspranghe and Véronique Jadin, the latter of whom also directed the feature. The horror comedy stars Jasmina Douieb, Laetitia Mampaka, Pete Van den Begin, Alex Vizorek and Laurence Bibot.

In ‘Employee of the Month,’ Inès (Douieb) has been a model worker at EcoClean for nearly 17 years, and believes it’s finally time for her to get a raise. Despite daily criticisms from her incompetent and misogynistic co-workers, including Patrick (Van den Begin), EcoClean’s ineffectual owner, she remains professional and dedicated to the company’s brand.

But when Inès finally confronts Patrick about her salary, he not only disparages her request but also makes a lecherous pass at her. New intern Mélody (Mampaka) witnesses the incident and jumps in to hel Inèsp, but in the process, both women accidentally find themselves with blood on their hands. Spiraling more out of control by the minute, Inès and Mélody must conjure up increasingly maniacal solutions to cover their tracks — and clean up their mess.

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