Caroline Brennan’s The Journey EP Review

Artist: Caroline Brennan: Vocals and guilele; Jon Evans: Bass and lap steel guitar; Mark Usher: Acoustic guitar and electric guitar; and Matthias Bossi: Drums and percussion

EP: ‘The Journey;’ Release date: May 29, 2023; Label: Zephyr Sound; Producer: Evans

Completely immersing listeners in the most emotional shared human life experiences through detailed imagery is a talent that not all musicians naturally possess. But Cape Cod-based singer-songwriter, Caroline Brennan did just that by crafting unique arrangements that compliment her relatable lyrics, which powerfully reflect her personal experiences, on her upcoming five-track Americana EP, ‘The Journey.’

The album includes several of the musician’s previously released singles, ranging ‘Breathe Happy In’ to ‘Swim to Shore’ and ‘No Longer Blue.’ The project also features two new singles, including the recently released track, ‘Breathe Happy In,’ and the upcoming tune, ‘Break All the Rules,’ which is scheduled to be unveiled on May 29, along with the record.

Both of Brennan’s latest singles are driven by classic country twangy guitar riffs that support her melodic vocals, in which she sings about finding hope and solace during her most challenging times. ‘Breathe Happy In’ and ‘Break All the Rules’ also emphasize the record’s message that despite people’s diverse backgrounds, they still yearn for the same thing – to find an unwavering connection after they experience heartache during their life’s journey.

‘Break All the Rules’ is an empowering anthem that encourages its listeners to bravely start a new chapter in their lives by jumping into a new relationship and taking a chance on love. Brennan croons that while people initially need time to mend their heart after the ending of a relationship, they’ll know when the time is right to start a new relationship. She emphasizes that people will be ready to form a new connection when they naturaly feel a spark and aren’t afraid to set aside their fears. While she also emotionally admits that it takes a lot of strength to form a new bond, if they have faith in themselves, they’ll be able to succeed in forming that new connection.

‘Breathe Happy In’ is another captivating, alluring single featured on ‘The Journey.’ The singer also croons about the healing power and importance of people taking the time to escape and embark on a vacation in order to clear their minds and set aside their worries. She praises how her hometown of Cape Cod offers a peaceful, serene environment for visitors to appreciate the moment and build new friendships in a friendly environment in her signature country twang and stellar melodies. Listeners can truly envision themselves lying on the beach and enjoying the time they spend with new friends in the community she fondly calls home.

While ‘The Journey’ features three singles that Brennan has release, it’s still a thrilling, emotional and relatable EP that inspires its listeners to search for love and hope, even after heartache. The songwriter drew on her own personal relationships, as well as the sadness and happiness in the overall human experience, to craft honest lyrics and soulful melodies that examine themes of love in relatable ways.

The gentle wisdom, humility and warmth that Brennan infuses into her latest collection of tunes makes it both profound and lighthearted. While the album thematically acknowledges struggle and sadness, it also remains certain in its conviction that everyone transcends and reach beyond the darkness.

For more information on Bennan, visit her official website, as well as her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube pages.

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