Exclusion U Exclusive Poster Premiere Explores Universities’ Refusual to Expand Enrollment

Universities across America are failing their mission to act in the public good. The real scandal in higher education is chronicled in the upcoming documentary, ‘Exclusion U.’ To help showcase the project’s theme of how Ivy League universities hoard billions of dollars while refusing to expand enrollments, Film Factual is exclusively premiering the feature’s poster.

‘Exclusion U’ will be distributed on Friday, June 23 on various On Demand platforms, including iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay. The movie’s official release comes after it has its World Premiere in New York on Thursday, June 8 at the Lincoln Center Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center.

The upcoming project was directed by Ginger Gentile, who previously helmed the 2020 documentary, ‘Erasing Family.’ The filmmaker’s upcoming feature was produced by Veronica Nickel (‘Moonlight’).

‘Exclusion U’ includes interviews with low-income students who fight for a place on campus, as well as deans of admissions. The movie’s interviewees also include Davarian Baldwin (‘In the Shadow of the Ivory Tower’), Tressie McMillan Cottom (‘Lower Ed’), Anthony Jack (‘The Privileged Poor’), Jeff Selingo (‘Who Gets In and Why’) Dan Golden (‘The Price of Admissio’), Richard V. Reeves (‘Brookings Institution’), Lauren Rivera (‘Northwestern University’) and Deja Foxx (influencer/staffer for Vice President Kamala Harris).

For more information on ‘Exclusion U,’ which ponders why students continue to invest so much in institutions that invest so little back in them, visit its official website.

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