Actor Saleh Bakri and Actress Iva Gocheva Contemplate What Makes a Family Happy in Grasshoppers Exclusive Clip

Sometimes the best way for people to discover who they truly are and how well they fit into their community is when they’re left alone to contend with their thoughts. That’s certainly the case for actor Saleh Bakri and actress Iva Gocheva’s characters of Nijm and Irina in the new drama, ‘Grasshoppers.’ The duo make startling revelations about their relationship over the course of a life-altering day.

Gravitas Ventures is distributing the film today, January 3, 2023 on such digital platforms as Google Play, Vudu and Prime Video, after it had a successful festival run. In honor of ‘Grasshoppers’ release, Film Factual is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature.

The movie was written, directed and produced by Brad Bischoff. Besides Bakri and Gocheva, ‘Grasshoppers’ also stars Frank V. Ross (‘Drinking Buddies’), Bob Turton (‘Happy!’) and Maura Kidwell (‘Sirens’).

Set present day in a Midwestern gated community, ‘Grasshoppers’ follows residents Nijm and Irina as they discover all of their neighbors have gone “snowbirding” for the winter. So they hatch a devious plan to ditch work and set out to tour the whole neighborhood, visiting every single empty house for a drink. With each visit, a new drink is poured and startling revelations of their relationship are revealed… until their once idyllic suburban life becomes uprooted for good.

(L-R): Bakri and Gocheva star in ‘Grasshoppers.’

Fun Film Fact: Bischoff was recently named a face of independent film by Filmmaker Magazine.

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