Lamedd’s Permit Review

Artist Name: Lamedd (Real Name: Leaor Adler)

EP: ‘Permit;’ Release Date: December 4, 2022; Performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Lamedd; Additional mixing: Uri Barak; Mastering: Kelly Hibbert at Almachrome, NYC

Fearlessly expressing emotions in a public setting that society tries to shun is one of the most provocative ways that artists can garner attention throughout their career. Israel-based electronica musician-producer, Leaor Adler, who performs under the stage name, Lamedd, is doing just that with his recently released five-track third album, ‘Permit.’ The electronica-IDM-hip-hop instrumental EP is an intensely personal collection of songs that features a unique, creative blend of genres exploring the rage and love that he has experienced throughout his life.

All of the entries on the record offer an unfiltered glimpse into the mind of the avant-garde artist, who keeps his unique art and personal mystique at the forefront of his work, which allows for unique interpretation by his listeners. Lamedd expresses his weakness, impulsiveness and power without any filters throughout all five tunes on the album, which he improvised without fully knowing where he was bringing them.

The musician’s new ambient noise EP begins with the synth electronic-infused track, ‘Mercy.’ The song thrives on its swirling tones, which are driven by industrial accents and nuanced textures that create an overall exotic flow. The tune’s only downfall is that there are several jarring pauses in the instrumentals that interrupt the otherwise energetic flow of the captivating beats.

‘Permit’s sophomore track, ‘My Incisor,’ is a more naturally flowing, cohesive extension of its predecessor. Driven by commanding industrial percussion, the electronic hip-hop song features fierce tones that completely immerse listeners in Lamedd’s intense desire to freely share his anger and vulnerabilities.

The true standout entry on the artist’s new record is its fourth tune, ‘Cut the Wires,’ which is driven by mechanized rhythm and pulsating tones. While the track features similar electronic hip-hop beats from ‘My Incisor,’ the penultimate song highlights Lamedd’s expertise in incorporating textured, layered tones into his music. The musician proves he’s truly in touch with his vulnerabilities and recognizes the need to liberate himself from continuously holding onto his animosities through the tune’s cathartic beats.

Emotional, boundary-pushing tracks like ‘Cut the Wires’ prove what a versatile, avant-garde musician Lamedd has become over the course of his career. From the mechanized rhythm to the pulsating tones featured on all five electronica-experimental-hip-hop songs that are included on ‘Permit,’ the artist courageously expresses his emotions that society tries to shun. Lamedd is a provocative producer on the rise, whose unique, experimental blend of genres and emotionally stimulating tones and themes have a universal appeal.

For more information on Lamedd, visit his official website, as well as his Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages.

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