Linoleum Composer Mark Hadley Releases Two Exclusive Tracks

Jim Gaffigan isn’t leaving anything to chance to do something fantastic with his life in the upcoming sci-fi comedy-drama, ‘Linoleum.’ The actor’s protagonist, Cameron Edwin, embarks on an inspirational journey to fulfill his life-long goal of becoming an astronaut in the film, which features an enthralling score by composer Mark Hadley.

Shout! Studios will distribute the movie in theaters tomorrow, February 24. Mark Hadley composed the score for the drama, which consists of 15 original tracks. The album will also be released tomorrow on all major digital sites, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

In honor of the feature and record’s distribution, Film Factual is premiering two exclusive tracks from the score. The songs include the movie’s titular tune, as well as the track, ‘The Fantastic.’

While discussing his work on the movie’s score, Hadley said: “’Linoleum’ is my second feature film collaboration with writer and director Colin West, and was a delightful project to be a part of. The score I wrote is a coalescence of organic and synthetic instrumentation. I utilized synthesizers and other electronic textures to bolster the role of space and astronomy in the film, and juxtaposed those tones with more human elements like piano and a string quartet to compliment the warmth and heartfelt nature of the story.”

In addition to Gaffigan, the drama also stars Rhea Seehorn (‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Veep’), Katelyn Nacon (‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘T@gged’), Gabriel Rush (‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’), Amy Hargreaves (‘Homeland,’ ’13 Reasons Why’), Roger Hendricks Simon (‘Love in Kilnerry,’ ‘The Sublet’), Elisabeth Henry (‘The Sisterhood of Night,’ ‘Behind the Mirror’), West Duchovny (‘A Mouthful of Air,’ ‘The Report’), Michael Ian Black (‘Wet Hot American Summer,’ ‘The State’) and Tony Shalhoub (‘Monk,’ ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’).

‘Linoleum’ follows Cameron, the host of a failing children’s science television show called ‘Above & Beyond,’ but he has always had aspirations of being an astronaut. After a mysterious space-race era satellite coincidentally falls from space and lands in his backyard, his midlife crisis manifests in a plan to rebuild the machine into his dream rocket.

As Cameron’s relationship with his wife, Erin (Seehorn), and daughter, Nora (Nacon), start to strain, surreal events begin unfolding around him — his doppelgänger moves into the house next door, a car falls from the sky and an unusual teenage boy forges a friendship with him. He slowly starts to piece these events together to ultimately reveal that there’s more to his life story than he once thought.

Besides being a composer, Hadley is also a producer, artist and multi-instrumentalist. After releasing his debut EP1 in 2018 under his moniker Hark Madley, Hadley released a series of ambient works in 2019, followed by his debut album ‘The Future is the Question!’ in March 2020.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2011, Hadley began his career working as an assistant to a composer, contributing additional music to shows like ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Rectify.’ He also received an ASCAP award for his work on ABC Family’s ‘Twisted’ in 2015.

After scoring several short films between 2016-2019, Hadley co-composed the original score for the movie, ‘Into the Dark: My Valentine,’ which was produced by Blumhouse and Hulu in 2020. In 2021, Hadley composed the original scores for the feature film, ‘Double Walker.’

In addition to movie scores, Hadley also composes music for commercials and trailers for major brands including Apple, NBA, Netflix, Showtime, Amazon, A24, Lexus, and more, and founded a boutique commercial music library called Repository in 2020. With an affinity for minimalism and mindfulness, Hadley frequently performs ambient music with modular synths, and has also composed in-app focus music for Headspace.

‘Linoleum’ composer, Mark Hadley

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