Mykel Shannon Jenkins is Trying to Prevent a Fight with a Potential New Enemy in Exclusive Clip From The Gods 2: The Dark Side

Actor Mykel Shannon Jenkins is emerging from hiding to pay off his old debts. However, he finds himself once again fighting for survival against his former boss and old enemy, who’s awaiting his return, in the new action sequel, ‘The Gods 2: The Dark Side.’

The film is now available to stream for free On Demand and on digital platforms, courtesy of Echelon Studios. Details on how to watch the crime thriller for free can be found here. In honor of the follow-up’s distribution, Film Factual is premiering an exclusive clip from the project, which is titled ‘Pay Attention Because I’m Only Going to Say It Once.’

‘The Gods 2: The Dark Side’ is the follow-up to the 2017 drama, ‘The Gods.’ Besides starring in the newly released film, Jenkins also wrote, directed and produced the feature.

While discussing his experience making the sequel, the filmmaker said: “‘The Gods 2’ has been an amazing collaboration between cast and crew to create a thrilling story we hope audiences will love. It has been an incredible experience to reprise the role of Mikey and a joy to continue to tell his story.”

Commenting on the crime thriller’s release, Sandro Gohoho, President of Licensing and Logistics for Echelon Studios, said: “We are delighted to have been able to work with the incredibly talented Mykel Shannon Jenkins once again, and are excited by the gritty world he has created with his original take on the action genre. We look forward to bringing this compelling vision to audiences – whether they be fans of the first installment or new viewers discovering the series for the first time – for free.”

Fun Film Fact: In ‘The Gods 2: The Dark Side,’ actor Kevin Interdonato reprises his role of Mikey James’ former boss and old enemy, Anthony Fasano, from ‘The Gods.’

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