Actress Clark Backo Reassures a Witness in Exclusive Clip From Psychological Thriller Confession

Actress Clark Backo’s protagonist of Jillian is willingly putting her career and life in jeopardy as she slowly unravels a dark web of murder in the new psychological thriller, ‘Confession.’ The character, who’s an up-and-coming district attorney, takes on the case of a young woman who has accused three men of sexual assault. The allegation ultimately reveals a deeper web of mystery, intrigue and deception that lies beneath the surface of their city.

Vertical is distributing the movie today in theaters and on VOD and Digital. In honor of the feature’s release, Film Factual is unveiling an exclusive clip from the project. In the clip, which is titled ‘Witness,’ Jillian walks down a street in her city in search of the titular witness. When she spots her, the district attorney promises the witness that the people she’s considering speaking out about won’t be able to trace anything back to her.

Besides Backo, ‘Confession’ also stars Clark Nolan Gerard Funk (‘The Flight Attendant’), Michael Ironside (‘Top Gun’), Sterling Beaumon (‘Lost’) and Sarah Hay (‘Black Swan’). The drama was written by Gregory Mulligan and directed by Dayna Hanson (‘Room 104’).

Fun Film Fact: Hay also served as a producer on ‘Confession.’

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