Watch an Exclusive Clip from Kemo Diatta’s Feature Film Directorial Debut, the Sci-fi-Driven Interface

Sometimes the only way that people can protect their loved ones is to rely on the altruistic help of strangers. That’s certainly the case for the two protagonists of the new sci-fi movie, ‘Interface,’ who are willing to risk their own existences in order to save their mother.

Gravitas Ventures distributed the drama this week. In honor of ‘Interface’s release, Film Factual is premiering an exclusive clip from the project.

‘Interface’ marks Kemo Diatta’s directorial debut. Besides helming the movie, the filmmaker also co-wrote the project’s script with Rebecca Norris. Diatta also served as an executive producer on the drama.

Samm Wiechec (‘A Mother’s Greatest Fear’ alongside Joey Lawrence) and Makenna Perkal (‘Love and Love Not’) star in ‘Interface.’ The movie also stars Havon Baraka, Michael Sigler, Robyne Richards, Joshua Weyers, Andrew Vela, Daniel Fitzgerald and Katie Kay.

In ‘Interface,’ the two main characters, who are sisters, are still contending with tragically losing their father. So the two women track down an Interface Machine across the multiverse that will enable them to go into their estranged mother’s mind and bring her back from a coma.

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