Psychological Thriller Seconds to Kill Examines the Influence of Choice and the Transient Consequences Amongst Diffracted Phenomena

The influences of choice, the notion of linear reality and the transient consequences amongst diffracted phenomena are powerfully being examined in the upcoming the psychological thriller, ‘Seconds to Kill.’ The insightful road movie is currently in production, and is set to be released on screening platforms during summer 2023.

‘Seconds to Kill’ follows two middle-aged criminals who are planning a job that turns into a risky venture, as a reluctant female companion joins them following an unexpected mishap. Before long, the getaway becomes a soul-searching trek for one, and a reality check for the other.

The action drama stars Russ Camarda as Sonny, Francis J. Leik as Benny and introduced Katrina Clairvoyant as Cheryl. The thriller was written and produced by Caster Fagan, who also made his feature film directorial debut on the project.

Actor Russ Camarda

Actor Francis J. Leik

Actress Katrina Clairvoyant

Fun Film Fact: After a decades-long career in the music industry as both a musician and record label owner, Caster turned his creativity towards the film industry.

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