Documentarian Janice Overbeck Chronicles How Humanity Can Solve the World’s Environmental Issues in Plastic Earth Exclusive Clip

Showcasing the solutions and technologies being worked on in the world today to combat and eventually solve the plastic crisis has never been so important. The new environmental documentary, ‘Plastic Earth,’ chronicles how worldwide plastic production coming from fossil-based sources continues to rise, and how it contributes to not only climate change and pollution, but also threatens the planet’s species.

The film is now available to rent and own on North American digital HD internet, cable and satellite platforms, courtesy of Gravitas Ventures. In honor of the movie’s release, Film Factual is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature.

The clip follows ‘Plastic Earth’s co-writer-director-executive producer, Janice Overbeck, as she chronicles her life with her family. She shares that she and her husband have been married for 14 years and they have four daughters. The spouses also own a real estate company together in the town that she grew up in.

On Earth Day, Overbeck and her children work on a plastic sculpture competition together. The filmmaker was inspired to take part in the competition after she saw a video that showed countless pieces of plastic floating in the ocean, which upset her. After also seeing headlines about how the world is in trouble because of climate change and the plastic crisis, she became concerned about the effects plastic has on her family and the entire world. As a result, she decided to take action.

‘Plastic Earth,’ which Overbeck co-wrote, directed and executive produced with Jack Winch, is the first documentary of its kind to chronicle how humanity can combat and eventually solve the plastic crisis. It follows Overbeck as she goes on a journey to learn the full story of this problem and to uncover what’s happening in the background to solve it.

Also through dozens of interviews with scientists, engineers, researchers and innovators, the filmmaker gets first-hand insights on how humanity can get this problem under control. The movie features many of the heroes of the world working to solve the Earth’s plastic and environmental issues.

“Our ‘Plastic Earth’ filming team has completed one of the most fulfilling journeys of our lives and this experience has truly changed all of us for the better. We are extremely thrilled for our Gravitas partnership and for ‘Plastic Earth’ to be widely available for others to see. We look forward to the world viewing our film and we hope humankind will gain the knowledge we did on our journey and a better perspective on the plastic crisis as well as the solutions that are well within our reach,” Winch and Overbeck said about the documentary.

Fun Film Fact: ‘Plastic Earth’ is hosted by comedian-actor-host Rob Riggle (‘Step Brothers,’ ‘The Daily Show’).

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